Vacuum metallizing

ENKO AS  started in 2016 metallizing plastic parts using Vacuum Metallizing, or Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) technology.

This technology replaces less environment-friendly chemical and galvanic methods and it doesn’t require a conductive substrate — the metal film can be applied to plastic, metal, or glass etc.

This eco-friendly technique provides the opportunity to manufacture plastic products with high decorative features (“mirror like” surface).  Transparent top layer (varnish) on deposited metallic layer  is used to protect it against oxidising and mechanical wear as well as against chemical degradation. The top coating can be neutral transparent or coloured transparent as required.

The vacuum metallizing line is manufactured by Kolzer Vacuum Technologies (Italy) , it enables to deposit decorative coatings by aluminium thermal evaporation and functional surface coatings by required metal sputtering in vacuum chamber with dia. 1 000 mm, depth 1 200 mm, vacuum for working – 4×10–4 Torr.